Why Grow Organically?

In the past, to grow organically cultivated fruit and vegetables was appealing only to those who were health conscious, picky and discriminate in their tastes for food. This of course is not the case today as more and more are becoming aware of the benefits of consuming plants that are derived from natural methods of agriculture. Over and above the need for healthier food options, care for the environment seems to be the driving motivation for some to subscribe to this system. All of us without doubt want food for our families that is not only safe and healthy, but also does not put undue harm to the environment.

Why do people choose to grow organically?

Health reasons, along with preservation of the environment, are the two most compelling reasons why people opt to grow their produce organically. As knowledge of the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides expands, the more we realize that we have to heed the necessary precautions to be protected from them. Choosing to grow your food organically then is a positive step toward this cause. It is a powerful statement of taking control, a bold move to ensure that our families get the right food they deserve. This method is also a way of making the planet a safer place to live in, where our children can roam freely and play.

Have you chosen to grow organically?

Have you chosen to grow organically?

There are those who still have the notion that to grow their food organically is impractical and involves greater costs. They say it’s too laborious – a comment that is far from the truth. Let us not forget that this method has been how the people of old tend their farms, the system by which food was raised in generations past, way before our minds got poisoned by deceptive advertisements of those who entice us with the charms of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

It could be granted though that in the initial stages of weaning our farms from its addiction to chemicals, it may cost us more. But as time progresses costs eventually go down, when we work on improving the soil, apply sustainable practices in gardening such as composting, and utilize practical pest control methods. This would eventually result into a good balance sheet as the accountants would say.

Following the correct principles and methodology to grow organically pays great dividends. Done right, it yields us healthier and more vigorous growing crops as well as a bountiful harvest compared to farming laced with chemicals. Aside from that, we have peace of mind peace of mind that we have finally broke free from hazardous chemicals that are known carcinogens and immune system suppressants. These petroleum-based products are also toxic substances that damage the environment. The advantages are indeed priceless.

Don’t be afraid to grow organically

Endeavoring to grow organically nurtured plants should not daunt us. If you love growing plants, it is still the same experience but now way more fulfilling because you are doing it with a clear conscience. You may once have used conventional farming methods that revolved around using products that end up killing everything in their path, putting nature in a state of imbalance by harming precious plants and animals, and killing beneficial worms and microbes in the process. It is easy to see therefore that this is not what sustainability is about. It is like giving morphine to a patient in pain when paracetamol or aspirin would do.

Seeing the ill effects of its conventional counterpart, to grow food organically is the sensible and sustainable road that we all must take if we are to come to terms with our conscience, not only for the benefit we get personally, but the greater good of humanity and the environment. Organic agriculture is thinking of sustainability, safety and abundance. It is a way of life that only promotes the natural. Anything that puts harm to us and the environment is not a game anyone should be playing. To grow organically is choosing to be working with nature, not against it.

Have you tried to grow your produce organically? How easy of difficult have you found it? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them? Please share your experiences below and tell us that challenges you have had to grow organically

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