Advantages Of Raised Bed Gardening

Gardening can be done according to different preferences. Some opt for more conventional methods while others use strategies that better suit their circumstances or requirements to get the results they desire. Raised bed gardening is a methodology of plant propagation that offers many benefits to the farmer / gardener.

Here are some of the advantages one can benefit from by using this method:

  1. Preparing your soil is easy. You can mix your regular garden soil with organic compost. You can buy your organic compost from the local supplier or you can make your own using kitchen and garden scraps.
  2. Because of the well-defined area for planting, there is the advantage of being able to improve & create soil conditions specifically targeting particular crops. Moreover, the addition of good planting soil can easily be done as needed.
  3. Raised bed gardening has many advantages

    Raised bed gardening has many advantages

    As you create well-defined garden borders and eliminate unnecessary pathways, raised bed gardening lessens the problem of soil compaction. This will ensure proper development and less disturbance to roots during plant development. Easy application of nutritional requirements and fertilizers is also an added advantage of this method.

  4. You can maximize growth during rainy seasons as drainage and run-off is enhanced in raised bed gardening. This will also allow soils to warm up faster especially during spring, which allows you to plant earlier. However, you need to make sure that the soil does not become too dry in warm weather.
  5. In case of too much rain, this method is advantageous as well because beds can be covered with plastic.
  6. You can also easily protect your plants from frost during colder months by using plastic covers.
  7. Mobility and accessibility in the garden is of prime importance. The raised bed method will improve this making access to all parts of the plot easier.
  8. Aesthetics in gardening may also be a concern. You may like a well thought out garden that is visually appealing. Raised bed gardening will certainly achieve this. You can design it exactly how you want it – the exact dimensions (including height), location, materials, etc. You can fashion your garden to a theme of your choice if you wish. This is a good outlet for your artistic abilities.
  9. A raised bed garden can be therapeutic. A well designed garden that allows easy access for people those with limited mobility is a good idea. Making your garden beds high enough will make gardening possible even for those that are wheelchair bound.

The advantages of raised bed gardening are plenty. Aside from it costing less for better yields, what I love most about raised beds it that it is a beautiful way of dressing up you garden. Plants are beautiful by themselves, but raised bed gardening allows me to make my vegetable garden look more attractive, and a focal point in my back yard. For me, gardening becomes a lot more exciting this way.

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