Beautifying Your Yard With A Garden Trellis

Are you looking for a garden trellis design for your vegetable garden? Well, you probably don’t have to look very far. A trellis can vary in shape, size and design. It all depends on how creative you are. For example, if you have a stepladder no longer fit for its original use then you can let beans climb on it. If you prefer to put up something exceptionally beautiful, then hiring a skilled craftsman may be necessary. Of course heavier plants (such as squash) require a more sturdy trellis compared to beans or tomatoes, but this is one of the only restrictions to your garden trellis design.

The advantages of a garden trellis

A trellis is always a wonderful addition to any vegetable garden. It beautifies your garden by adding a focal point and adds another dimension, and makes it look less cluttered. Aside from that, it allows your climbers to develop well and promote better growth and fruiting. Because there is better air circulation and the fruit is kept off the ground, problems with diseases and pest are greatly lessened and the plants are also less likely to get sunburned.

A garden trellis can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

A garden trellis can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Different vegetables may require different types of support. Climbers like beans and peas may do well in a teepee or A-frame designs while those that sprawl like cucumbers and squash do well in arbors. When you are designing your garden trellis, make sure then that he structure is fit for the kind of plant that will be using it.

A well designed trellis can also make harvesting more enjoyable and less taxing. Since the fruit are raised up in front of you, it is easier to see and pick them. Also, when your climbing or sprawling plants are placed in a trellis, they use lesser space and make it convenient for you as well to focus your organic fertilization at the plant base.

Vegetable gardening is enjoyable in itself but having a beautiful garden makes the experience even more fulfilling. When you are able to incorporate structures artistically, you do not only make use of them from a practical point of view, but also enhance the beauty of the environment you are working in. If you want your garden to be exceptional, design your layout including a garden trellis beyond only considering functionality. While it is true that trellises can help provide an abundant harvest, it can also become a feature point in your garden.

Another simple garden trellis

Another simple garden trellis

You may use beautiful sun-friendly flowers to cover your trellises at an appropriate spot to enhance your garden’s beauty. There are a lot of gorgeous flowers that attract friendly insects. A good example are trumpet flowers – they are beautiful and bees are attracted to them. As we all know, bees are helpful in plant pollination and that makes for a bigger harvest. To complete the look, a bird bath would be just perfect; not only will their happy chirping brighten your day, the birds are useful in driving pests away as well.

Why not try adding a garden trellis to your yard

The rewards of home gardening are so obvious. If you still do not have one, it is high time for you to consider doing it. Not only will you be having fresh and safe food, you will also be spared from buying high priced organic produce in the local stores. And the best part of it all, the joy that you experience in tending your garden is awesome. Communing with nature through the soil is not only relaxing – it is therapeutic as well. Sitting back in your favorite spot under a garden trellis covered with lovely blossoms admiring the beauty of nature is priceless.

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