Ideas For Small Gardens

As more and more people live in urban areas, the need to find ideas for small gardens is increasing. Inherent to urban living is limited space and growing an edible garden can be challenging. However, even a small space can be utilized and transformed into a beautiful vegetable garden. All you need is basic knowledge in gardening and a lot of creativity.

Small gardens need planning, just as bigger ones do. This is simply because you are restricted in the amount of room available to make changes, as compared to what you have with a larger space. When thinking of ideas for small gardens, make sure to consider in your planning your plant selections, which part of the garden gets the sun and for how long, what decorative options you are planning, as well as any other additions such as bench seats or bid baths.

Ideas for small gardens to consider

Not everybody has the luxury of space for a big vegetable garden. But even a single container can still accommodate a good mix of vegetables if you know how to go about it. You can also use your small front yard, roof tops, patios or balconies for container gardening. You can even plant a one-pot vegetable garden. The key is to carefully plan what your preferences are and if they are suitable in your area’s climate and specific location. Coming up with ideas for small gardens can be challenging but all worth it when you see the fruits of your labor, literally.

Get various ideas for small gardens to find the best options for your small space

Get various ideas for small gardens to find the best options for your small space

Utilizing vertical space is also advantageous when you have limited space. If you have an empty wall or a fence that looks drab or boring, you can dress it up by placing plant pockets on it to create a plant wall. You may also put plant hangers to accommodate your small edibles. You can group attractive pots and use them to grow your herbs placed on stands.

Our front yards are usually the places where there is enough sunshine and where plants thrive best. However, most of us prefer our front yards to look like regular gardens and not have the “farm look”. If this is the case, you can choose edibles that blend well with your flowering plants. Excellent options that blend well include basil, sage, artichoke, and fennel. Plan well so that they compliment the rest of your garden, and voila… you now have a kitchen garden in disguise. Your front yard will not only be beautiful, it will also be productive. This is one of the many ideas for small gardens that I love so much.

More ideas for small gardens that you can use

Here are some more great small gardens ideas that you can use to make your garden stand out:

  1. Try raised bed gardening. Raised vegetable beds promote the maximum yield minimum space principle. Your garden will also look more organized.
  2. One of the many smart small garden ideas worth considering is the use of trellises. Create an illusion of height by putting a teepee or trellis as a focal point. The structures are not only visually appealing; they also provide a climbing platform for your vines and climbers.
  3. Make use of the ground underneath your climbing plants for other vegetables as well. Shorter plants like pepper or eggplants will be perfect here.
  4. Cherry tomatoes grow well upside down. Hanging them on strategic places can surely provide color to your garden.
  5. Plant your trailers like cucumbers on the sides to avoid clutter. The worst thing that you can do to a small space is to make it look more congested than it really is.
  6. Always remember to stick to organic gardening principles. If you have a limited space, fumes from chemical sprays can easily enter your home and be inhaled by your family. So aside from the dangers of ingesting it as residue on your fruit and vegetables, you are also breathing it in.

Having your own organic kitchen garden has many advantages, but it does require a little initiative and dedication to make it a success.

You see, having a small space is not really an excuse for a dry and boring front or back yard. The only thing that will limit you is your imagination and creativity. Careful planning and a little help from the others and the internet is all you need. Keep an eye out in your local neighborhood, and ask your friends and family and down at the local nursery for more ideas for small gardens, as there are always people around that are more than willing to share their tips and advice.

What have you tried, what has worked and what hasn’t? Please share your best ideas for small gardens below…

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