Gardening In Raised Vegetable Beds

Producing abundant vegetables is no longer a problem even if your backyard soil is dry or chemically abused. Gardening with raised vegetable beds is the answer. If you want to start a vegetable garden and find your soil unsuitable, the best option is to grow them in raised vegetable beds. There are many advantages of using raised vegetable beds. And although climbers and tall plants are generally not recommended for raised beds, there are many others that can be grown using this method.

Raised vegetable beds do not necessarily need to be intricate. Even plastic pots are considered raised beds, only they are smaller. You can also recycle water containers or utilize large planting bags for this purpose.  In urban areas, container gardening is becoming popular. This is also a form of raised vegetable bed gardening.

However, some gardeners prefer the bigger raised beds. If you are like them, you can also build your own raised vegetable bed or buy a pre-cut and pre-drilled kit. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with the less expensive ones. All you have to do is the follow the instructions for assembling and presto! Your raised vegetable bed is ready.

Raised Vegetable Beds have many advantages

Raised Vegetable Beds have many advantages

Preparing the soil for your raised beds is just as easy. The simplest method is to use a mixture of organic compost and garden soil. Your organic compost may be store-bought or one that was made from your kitchen and garden scraps. Learning how to make your own compost can save you a lot of money. On the other hand, adding garden soil to the mixture is important. This will build body to your soil necessary in providing better support for your plants.

If you wish to add grass clippings to your soil, covering it with several layers of newspaper before adding the compost is a good idea. This will prevent the weeds from shooting up and the grass will decompose faster too. Using a commercial weed proof membrane will give you the same results. Think about the money you can save.

One of the things that you need to remember with raised vegetable beds is that it allows water to drain fast. This being the case, you need to monitor them especially in warmer weather when frequent watering is needed.

One of the advantages of raised vegetable beds is high yield. This is because soil in raised garden beds is deep, loose and fertile. Because of this, plants roots can find nutrients easily. Soil condition in raised beds is easy and less taxing to maintaining. Regularly adding organic compost to your beds will enrich your soil as well as provide protection from pests.

Another benefit of raised vegetable beds is that it costs less to maintain. It requires less effort, less water and less fertilization and yet produces maximum yield. The plants are grown in close proximity making it difficult for the weeds to compete.

One more way of maximizing the yield of your raised vegetable bed is by mixing it up. Learn about compatible plants and know what are best suited for your vegetable beds.  For example celery, radish, and beets grow well together, as well as basil, onions, and tomatoes. This is what gardeners refer to as interplanting, whereby you maximize the use of space in your garden.

Raised bed gardening can also be a form of therapy. Making your raised bed high enough can make it possible even for people with limited mobility to do some gardening. For people who love plants, this is a very good way to rejuvenate. Studies have shown that gardening can help even troubled minds relax. So having your own organic garden is great for the body and the mind!

Gardening is so much fun and many avid gardeners will attest to this. There is something about gardening that fascinates me. The joy of seeing life burst forth from the soil or watching buds bloom is a feeling beyond description.

So why opt for an organic raised vegetable garden?

Organic raised vegetable bed gardening is easy to maintain and it produces high yield. It gives us safe vegetables we can serve our families. It makes for a greener planet. It helps us heal. It is a way of life.

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