The Importance Of Using Organic Vegetable Seeds…

I am an avid organic gardener. In our backyard, you can find most of the vegetables that I dish out to my family. I am fully aware of the dangers of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide residue in the skins of produce. Studies of nutrition experts have shown that eating the skin of fruit and vegetables helps to combat cancer. Both my spouse and I come from families with a history of cancer, and this explains why I am extra careful with our diet.

It has helped that I love gardening and married someone who loves it as much as me. Well maybe it’s a case of like attracts like, but in any case, it has come in handy that we share the same passion.  We grow our vegetables in a small backyard, which is so common in today’s urban living environment. But I should say that a small space is not an excuse to not try to grow your own vegetables. And it is especially important if you care for your health.

Using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on our plants can cause a lot of problems. Not only is it harmful to our health, it is also destructive to the environment. Your plants can grow vigorously and produce really large yield, but coupled with it is the risk of the adverse health effects that using these chemicals poses. Also, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can be extremely dangerous when mishandled, posing a threat to the applicator’s respiratory health as well. Furthermore, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can harm the natural environment. On the contrary, organic gardening is a form of permaculture or permanent agriculture. This simply means adapting agriculture practices that promotes sustainable living.

Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic Vegetable Seeds

So, are we then to leave our plants to grow by themselves? By no means. There are so many ways to nourish our plants the natural way. You can make your own compost soil from kitchen and garden waste or do your own vermicomposting. You can make your own organic pesticides by using kitchen basics such as chili and garlic. Opting for old fashioned weeding is also a good idea instead of using herbicides.

However, there is one thing that I would like to focus on now – the importance of organic vegetable seeds. The plants growing in your organic garden came from seeds, but have you stopped to think where your seeds came from? Would you like to use hybrid or GMO seeds for your plants? Although the popularity of organically grown fruits and vegetables is continually rising because of its health benefits, not a lot of people have realized the value of organic seeds.

I would like to give you some pointers on why you should consider using organic vegetable seeds. I find this very important, especially if you are genuinely serious about serving your family safe and healthy food. So here goes…

  • Organic vegetable seeds thrive better in organic environments.  Raising plants organically requires different conditions from that of conventional farming methods. They do not depend on fertilizers through ground or foliar application as practiced by traditional farmers. They need to grow strong roots to seek out the nutrients provided by complex fertilizers such as organic compost. Organic vegetable seeds rely on healthy soil for growth and not on synthetic inputs. Synthetic pesticides are strongly discouraged hence the plants are able to develop their own protection.
  • Seed crops have more chemicals applied to them than plant crops. When you go to buy your seeds from your supplier, remember how they are produced. Remember that, unlike plant crops, seed crops are not intended for human consumption. Because of this, farmers raising seed crops apply more poisonous fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other seed treatments to their plants at higher volumes until harvest time to ensure longer shelf life.
  • We help promote organic farming and research when we use organic vegetable seeds. By buying organic vegetable seeds for your garden, you are assured of a safe seed. And not only that, you also help build the prospects of sustainable and organic farming.

When our health is at stake, we should not take risks. We may be eating our daily dose of fresh fruit and vegetables, but if safety is compromised, we may be doing ourselves more harm than good. Organic home farming is a way to a healthier lifestyle, and more and more people are embracing it. And organic gardening starts from seeds.

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