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Why Choose Organic Pesticides Over Chemical Pesticides?

If you are going to grow your dream garden full of your favorite fruit and vegetables, no one is going to enjoy and love it more than you and your family, except maybe for the insects that are bound to be attracted to the healthy and lush plants you plan to grow. These insects will marvel at the sight of your garden and will feast on it like it’s been a prepared just for them.

In gardening, one of the most difficult challenges is the prevention and control of damaging insects. There are numerous companies which have answered this problem through manufacturing highly effective pesticides that are designed to kill all insects instantly. While these chemical pesticides perform their function well, they also cause damage to the environment and bring danger to the health of your family.

One way you can minimize the threat that these chemical pesticides have on the environment and the health of you and your family is by substituting them with the use of organic pesticides.

What are Organic Pesticides?

Why choose organic pesticides?

Why choose organic pesticides?

Organic pesticides are naturally derived (that is, not synthetically manufactured) substances. Even though a pesticide is classified as organic doesn’t mean that it is still safe for consumption by humans. One example is Rotenone, which has been widely used as an organic pesticide, even though it has the potential to be highly dangerous.

There are, however, many safer alternatives, including hot pepper dust & red-pepper sprays, soap suds, and garlic and onion concoctions that can be mixed and used to combat a variety of pests.

Through the years, the word pesticides have become synonymous to chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides are effective; however, they are harmful to both the environment and your family. While more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of having a healthy environment, non-chemical pesticides have also made a name for themselves as a safer alternative to the harmful chemical pesticides.

Why Are Organic Pesticides Safer to Use?

Generally, natural organic pesticides are safer because they don’t contain the toxic chemical components that can cause a myriad of health issues and diseases. The conventional chemical pesticides which have been used to protect crops from damaging pests are dangerous to human beings, especially children. Children still have underdeveloped immune responses, and as such they have difficulty getting rid of the chemicals after digestion. When this happens, the chemicals will have the opportunity to stay longer within their system; and hence, could cause diseases.

You can minimize the chance of this by eating organic foods that they are treated with safe and healthy natural pesticides.

What Are The Benefits?

As previously stated, natural pesticides are generally safer for the environment, the gardener and consumers because organic pesticides break down naturally, releasing less toxins into the environment. This will reduce the risk of soil, crop and water contamination.

Generally speaking, chemical pesticides are harmful. You may not see it or notice it in the taste and smell of the foods you eat; however, unless you go for an all-natural diet, you may be ingesting chemicals into your system and you may not even know it.

In making your dream garden a reality with the use of organic pesticides, you are not only fulfilling a dream; you are also providing your family a healthier and safer alternative to foods that are treated with chemical pesticides. This will save you money; and not further harm the already damaged environment.

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