Cheap and Effective Organic Weed Killer Methods

One of the most difficult problems to solve in gardening is weed control. Weeds spring up just about anywhere. Aside from the fact that they can make your garden appear like an unattended lot, they also tend to steal your growing plants’ nutrients.

If you consider yourself an organic gardener, you won’t be able to resort to administering harsh toxins and synthetic chemicals in order to kill the weeds in your garden. With this in mind, experienced gardeners have found some safe and innovative ways to get rid of these annoying weeds and prevent them from growing again. A few of these organic weed killer techniques and methods are:

Weed Manually

This is obviously pulling out the weeds in your garden by hand. If you have never used any chemicals in the garden, the weeds can be allowed to decompose to form part of your organic fertilizer. You may want to loosen up the soil to make it easier to pull out the weeds by using a shovel or how to turn over the compacted soil. Importantly, this allows you to pull out the roots and all.

Commercial Organic Weed Killer Sprays

Organic Weed Killer Methods

Organic Weed Killer Methods

Today, there are agricultural product manufacturers that have created organic weed sprays that are available to the general public. These organically derived products function by killing the parts of the weeds that support its life; mainly the leaves. The results can be very effective but can easily kill other plants when accidentally sprayed with it, so be sure only to coat the weeds that you want to target with the spray. As such, you may want to avoid using organic weed killer sprays in windy conditions, or use a cardboard tube to funnel the spray to certain areas.

Vinegar Products

Another cheap and effective organic weed killer spray is to use vinegar. They can contain different concentrations of acetic acid, between 5% and 30%, and different concentrations work better on different weeds; generally the lower concentrations work better on the younger plants. These have the same function as the commercial organic weed killer sprays, in that they attack the foliage, so be careful to only target the weeds and not your plants. Repeat treatments may be required to completely kill the weeds.

Boiling Water

Boiling water will work when there are unmanageable weeds on your pathways and sidewalks. Pour a small stream of boiling water onto the weeds that you want to kill. Some weeds with long taproots may need additional treatment, but with each application the weed will become weaker and weaker and will eventually die. Of course, boiling water can be very dangerous, so take extreme care when handling.

Physical Barriers

Do not underestimate the power of putting up physical barriers such as retaining walls and lawn edgings to prevent the weeds from attacking your garden beds. Physical barriers can act like fire-breaks and are a very effective and long-lasting answer to future-proof your vegetable garden from unmanageable weeds problems.

Coming up with an organic weed killer that is both easy and inexpensive to implement is not that difficult. Many people think that weed safe and effective control is not possible without using harsh and dangerous chemicals. As you can see there is a variety of methods that you can utilize, and by using a combination of these is the best way to manage those damaging and annoying weeds in your garden. This way you can ensure that you are doing your part in looking after the health of you, your family and the environment.

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