Organic Weed Killer Methods…

One effective way to improve your organic garden is to make use of an organic weed killer. Although there are several products on the market today that claim to be organic in nature, you still have to be very careful in deciding which weed killers to apply to your garden. This is because most of the products on the shelves are not organic and still contain synthetic chemicals which can harm your plants.

To give you a clearer picture of what organic weed killers are for and what safe weed killing methods you could use for your garden, this post will discuss some of the most basic yet essential information regarding this matter.

Why do weeds have to be removed?

Weeds can offer harmful pests a shelter and an avenue to spread plant diseases. Besides this, they absorb nutrients that are meant for your plants. A big threat that they pose is the fact that weeds grow, spread and multiply easily. In fact, they can grow more quickly than all other plants in your plot and can successfully compete with the crops for sunlight, space, water and nutrients.

Weeds can take over if left unchecked

Weeds can take over if left unchecked

What effective and safe organic weed killing methods can you apply in your garden?


Mulch types include shredded bark or wood chips, leaves, grass clippings, hay, sugar cane, etc, which offer an advantage of nourishment to the crop when they decompose into the soil, and aids in moisture retention within the soil. This organic weed killer method acts as an effective barrier between the soil and sunlight, which stops the weeds from growing. To optimize the method, you can even make use of cardboard or newspaper sheets under the mulch. This will become an added protection against the invading weeds.

Manual Weeding

This is the simplest and, by far, the safest organic weed killer method, because you will never have to worry about chemicals coming into contact with your crops. While this method is simple and safe, this can also mean a lot of hard work.


Harmful weeds will die if you cut their stems from its roots, especially when done below the surface of the soil. By using an oscillating hoe or a swan neck hoe, you can easily perform this organic weed killer method. To do this, skim the blade’s sharp sides through the top most inch of the soil.

Soil Solarization

This organic weed killer method is unusual; however, this is just as effective as the others. With soil solarization, you are allowing the sun’s heat to eliminate the weeds for you. Numerous gardeners begin this process in early summer or late spring through raking, hoeing and pulling out weeds manually. Clear plastic sheets are then laid down onto moist soil, and held down with bricks or soil The plastic should be left down for 4 to 6 weeks (but you may have to leave it down even longer in the cooler months). The plastic will heat up underneath, and will facilitate the “roasting” of the weeds.

These are just 4 of the most effective organic weed killer methods that you can try to prevent the growth of, and eliminate, harmful weeds. There are many other methods that you can try, which will be discussed in later posts, so be sure to check back regularly. Just always remember that one method might work well for others but not for you and the crops you are growing, so be patient and be willing to try different ways to keep the weeds under control.

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